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on the line insanity

The rants of a crazed gay man

5 June
I am nathan (aka princess) yes i am that amazingly gay. Tend to be very strange but all in all i tend to be a good guy just dont diss my friends or BF. Can be a very caring person if you are kind to me and i feel there is a good peron in you as well. if not you will know very well if i dont like you. i have a loving bf and he makes the world so much more bright with just one hug. my happy LJ is about my life and how it is good and bad, kind and molevolent.
almost half my icons are from my other love ajama love you and keep the icons and music coming miss lady.
and just being me, being amazing., laptop is my baby, loveing my wii, music, my bf, my good friends, not being at work, photographer at my college, play d&d, psychology, school, theatre